Test and Measurement Products

Series 6650 Digital Manometer
The Model 6650 Digital Manometer is designed to measure and monitor positive, negative, and differential air pressure in a range equal to 0-10 inches water column. Other ranges are available: please consult the factory. In contrast with hydrostatic manometers, which are typically bulky, fragile, and difficult to read and calibrate, the Model 6650 Digital Manometer is compact, sturdy, and easy to calibrate. It is equipped with an accurate, easy-to-read LCD pressure display.

The Model 6650 Digital Manometer is an easy-to-use instrument that reduces service and labor expenses. It includes all the functions necessary for measuring low pressure or balancing air systems. The light-weight, portable design with internal nickel-cadmium DC power supply enables one person to make low air pressure field measurements. Using the Model 6650 Digital Manometer, pressure switches can be calibrated in the field.

Pressure readings are displayed in four units of measure, and can be retained for service documentation. Most importantly, the Cleveland Controls Model 6650 Digital Manometer is offered at a competitive price. Please consult the factory for current pricing and delivery.

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