Specialty Models
Air Pressure Sensing Switches

Programmable Timer Module Option

Many Cleveland Controls Air Pressure Sensing Switches (including Series AFS, ANA, DDP, DFS, FS-BO, and RFS) can be equipped with a versatile electronic time delay assembly. This feature delays either the “on” or the “off” or the simultaneous “on” and “off” signal from the sensing switch. The microprocessor-based timer module can be factory-programmed to any combination of delay times based upon specified application requirements. The electronic time delay option must be installed on the snap switch at the factory. It consists of a microprocessor-based timer-relay pack circuit board assembly containing a power connection terminal block, a DPDT slave relay with two form-C contacts connected to one of the following:

  • Terminal block with clamp-type screw connectors suitable for 12-26 AWG.
  • Three 90° “quick-connect” spade terminals.
  • Wire leads to customer specification.
    one contact is rated 8 Amps. The other contact is rated 1 Amp @ 120 vAC. Both ratings are resistive.

The Programmable Timer option is ideally suited for applications requiring a delay of the “on”, or the “off”, or the simultaneous “on” and “off” signal from a Cleveland Controls air pressure sensing switch. Dual contact field wiring terminals permit the connection of one or two control or alarm devices. The option is available for 120 vAC applications (select suffix -300) or 24 VAC applications (select suffix -301). Most standard SPDT models can be equipped with
this option. Terminal block, 90° “quick-connect” spade terminals, or wire leads can be supplied. Consult the factory for custom application information.

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