Specialty Models
Air Pressure Sensing Switches

Electronic DPDT Configuration Option
Many Cleveland Controls Air Pressure Sensing Switches (including series AFS, ANA, DDP, DFS, FS-BO, and RFS) can be equipped with an electronic DPDt configuration printed circuit board assembly. This option must be installed on the snap switch at the factory. it consists of a relay-pack circuit board assembly containing a power connection terminal block and a DPDT slave relay with two form-C 8-amp contacts connected to two terminal blocks.

The DPDT option is ideally suited for applications requiring a second set of contacts for alarm or auxiliary contact devices. The use of a slave relay signal provides simultaneous operation of both sets of contacts. Electronic DPDT configuration can be applied to SPDT switches (fig.1) as well as SPST-NC manual reset switches such as AFS-460. The option is available for 120 VAC applications (select suffix -136) or 24 VAC applications (select suffix -137). Consult the factory for custom application information.

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