GRFS Series
Gas Pressure Sensing Switches

Series GRFS Gas Pressure Sensing Switches are compact, economical switches specifically designed for use with gas furnaces, package burners and other fuel-burning equipment. They are ideal for any low gas pressure proving or flow proving application. Series GRFS is suitable for use with natural, manufactured or LP gas. Models are available with field adjustable set point ranges or nonadjustable set points.

The plated housing encloses a diaphragm and a snap-acting switch. The gas inlet is located on the high pressure side of the diaphragm, and the vent is located on the low pressure side of the diaphragm. The gas inlet and vent accept a pipe nipple or coupling suitable for gas flow applications.

Various electrical configurations are available: the standard models have screw terminals with cup washers or 1⁄4″ 90o quick connect spade terminals. SPDT and SPST configurations are available.

An enclosure cover guards against accidental contact with the live switch terminals. The enclosure cover has five knockouts that accept a 1⁄2″ conduit connection. For applications where an enclosure is not necessary, open-mount models are available.

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