RSS Series
Air Pressure Sensing Switches

The Series RSS-495-011 Sensing Switch Kit provides an economical and convenient solution for many residential and light commercial HVAC applications. The kit contains a compact Series RSS-495 switch with an adjustable set point range of 0.20″ w.c. to 1.0″ w.c. The switch has been factory set to actuate on a pressure rise of 0.20″ w.c. The switch has a bleed hole (.016″) in the mounting pan. The individually boxed kit includes a P/N 28419 hex wrench (1⁄16″) for field calibration, a P/N 28429 tube-to-tube reduction adapter, and two (2) P/N 27577- 037 slotted hex head mounting screws (#6 x 3⁄8″).

The RSS-495 switch has a thermoplastic housing containing a diaphragm and snap-acting switch. Duo-barbed sample line connectors on each side of the diaphragm accept 1⁄4″ ID or 3⁄8″ ID slip-on flexible tubing. The .016″ bleed hole in the mounting pan (low pressure side) prevents the build up of condensation in the switch and sample line.
The electrical connection consists of three (3) male 90o quick-connect terminals. The snap action switch can be actuated by a positive or negative pressure, or by a pressure differential.

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