PAS Series
Air Pressure Sensing Switches

Series PAS-2100 Pneumatic sensing switches are general purpose proving switches for the HVAC and Energy Management industry. They sense the flow of air and provide a proportional pneumatic signal for applications where pneumatic actuation is required (such as intrinsically safe environments or any area where it is desirable to avoid electrical arcing).

Series PAS switches may be used to sense static or differential air pressure up to 2.0″ w.c. (PAS-2100 models) or 12.0″ w.c. (PAS-2200 models). the pneumatic switch vents a restricted compressed air source until reaching set point; switch actuation occurs at set point, closing the vent and sending a full pressure pneumatic signal to an electrical switch outside of the hazardous area, or actuating a pneumatically driven element directly.

The plated housing contains a diaphragm, a calibration spring and a pneumatic module with a 5-barbed connector suitable for flexible tubing, ranging from 0.125″ ID to 0.25″ iD.

The sample connections located on each side of the diaphragm accept 0.25″ OD metallic tubing via the integral compression ferrule and nut.

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