DFS Series
Air Pressure Sensing Switches

Model DFS–301 is an airflow proving switch designed for duct heater, oven, and other HVAC or Energy Management applications where an open-mounted, nonadjustable switch is desirable. It is especially suitable for surface-mounting in areas where internal access is limited. It can be used to sense positive, negative, or differential air pressure.

The plated housing contains a diaphragm and a snap-acting SPDT switch. The sample line connections located on each side of the diaphragm accept 1⁄4″ OD metallic tubing via the integral compression ferrule and nut. The electrical connection consists of male 1/4-inch quick connect terminals.

The SPDT snap action switch operates on pressure rise of 0.03″w.c., + 0.02″ w.c. For additional application and technical information, please contact the sales office.

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