AFS Series
Air Pressure Sensing Switches

Model AFS-477 Air Pressure Sensing Switch is a general purpose proving switch with gold contacts designed for HVAC, Energy Management and DDC (Direct Digital Control) applications. Gold-contact switches are commonly used in computer environments, direct digital control, or wherever low ampere currents are wired. Model AFS-477 may be used to sense positive, negative, or differential air pressure.

The plated housing contains a diaphragm, a calibration spring and a snap-acting SPDT switch with gold contacts.The sample connections located on each side of the diaphragm accept 1⁄4″ OD metallic tubing via the integral compression ferrule and nut.

An enclosure cover guards against accidental contact with the live switch terminal screws and the set point adjusting screw. The enclosure cover will accept a 1⁄2″ conduit connection.


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