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C-05830 Micro IV Lead Lag Sequencer

C-05830 Lead Lag Sequencer increases the flexibility and efficiency of multiple boiler plants. It controls the firing rates of individual boilers or burners to maintain plant pressure or temperature as demand changes, reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary boiler cycling. C-05830 is safe and efficient for all plants under any operating conditions. Numerous standard options and features are available. C-05830 Lead Lag Sequencers ship as factory-configured packaged systems ready for installation.


  • Automatically responds to plant conditions to maintain main header temperature or pressure
  • Manages up to 6 boilers or burners per unit
  • On-Off, Low-High-Off or Full-modulation sequencing
  • Selectable series or parallel modulation modes
  • Five lead-boiler rotation modes
  • Front panel operator interface includes continuous display of pressure or temperature
  • ASCI-II and RS-485 Modbus ports

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