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D-06120 Flue Gas Temperature Meter
Series D-06120 Temperature Meter provides accurate measurement and display of boiler exit, oven, dryer, or any other process temperatures within the limits of its specifications.

Unlike standalone flue gas temperature gauges, the D-06120 Temperature Meter has
an operational interface with boiler or building management controllers, recorders, annunciators and alarms. It has a highly visible, active display of flue gas temperature with dual alarm settings and outputs.

Typically, the operator sets the first alarm to the temperature at which maintenance should be scheduled to maintain optimum fuel use. The second alarm is set to shut down the boiler at the temperature that indicates excessive fouling and mechanical problems. Alarm signals interface with remote audible alarms (such as Cleveland Controls Model L-05500), and result in a safety shutdown by the control system. The meter out- puts provide permanent records by recording (via the analog signal) or BMS (via the Modbus communications).

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