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A-08740 Universal Opacity Monitor
The Model A-08740 Universal Opacity Monitor provides reliable, continuous measurement of the density of confined particulates such as dust or smoke. It is easy to calibrate and requires no routine maintenance other than occasionally cleaning the sight glass.

The basic system consists of an electronics unit and two breeching components. An LED light source directs a beam through the measured particulate, and a light sensor receives the beam, detects changes in opacity, and sends a proportional signal to the electronics unit. The wide-beam LED light source and narrow-view receiver make installation easy: alignment of the breeching units does not need to be precise. The electronics produces a digital readout of percent opacity and a 4-20 mA dc output signal suitable for recording, display, or indication. SPDT contacts are also provided for remote alarm or control functions. A contact closure is provided for a remote alarm (available separately: Cleveland Controls L- 05500-00). The operator can select manual or automatic alarm reset. Modbus communications for interface with a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system) or other controls is standard. A standard serial printer port is provided. The electronics unit is available in open-mount, surface- mount, and flush-mount formats. It can be installed in any dry, convenient area within 250 feet of the light source and receiver units. The standard model has a vacuum fluorescent display with three status LED indicators. Units equipped with auxiliary functions have four LED indicators.

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