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A-08740-AO Universal Opacity Monitor


• LED Light Source and Receiver
• Easy to align and install
• Modbus communications
• 4-20 mA dc output signal
• Adjustable alarm trip point and time delay
• Per cent opacity calibration
• NYC DEP approved

The Series A-08720-B0 Opacity
Monitor includes an electronics unit
with two breeching components: an LED
light source unit and a receiver. Buttons
marked Enter, Inc, Dec, and Reset are
located on the front face below the
display. These buttons permit interaction
with the electronics. The standard
vacuum fluorescent display shows all
operation and alarm messages.

The opacity monitor stack units are easy to install
because the wide-beam LED light source
and narrow-view receiver do not require
precise alignment. The opacity monitor
is easy to calibrate and requires no routine
maintenance other than occasionally
cleaning the sight glass.

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