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A-08562-A0 Mini-O2-Probe
Cleveland Controls pioneered the development of in stack flue gas oxygen analyzers with zirconium oxide probes. The current Model A-08562-A0 MINI-O2TM Analyzer capably measures flue gas oxygen content and generates an output signal directly proportional to the measured oxygen. No sampling system or reference gas is necessary. The A-08562-A0 MINI-O2TM Analyzer is suitable for any new or retrofiitted fire tube or water tube boiler, or hot water generator application. It directly replaces all earlier A-08500 probes, and replaces all A-10007 and A-10018 probes when used with the optional traverse tube. Together with the Cleveland Controls A-10050-A0 Microprocessor Electronics Controller, it provides many functions in addition to basic flue gas oxygen monitoring, including signal transmission, indication, combustion efficiency, probe diagnostics, and I/O for control & safety.

Standard components include the probe (consisting of an 8″ insertion probe body with zirconium oxide cell, type K thermocouple, and cell heater) with microprocessor-based analyzer electronics, a cable to connect the probe to the electronics unit, and an optional traverse tube for models requiring it. All in stack components consist of high-temperature alloys.

The A-08562-A0 MINI-O2TM Analyzer is manually calibrated with a simple procedure, requiring only one cylinder of calibration gas (4.5% nominal O2 in N2), and a flow meter.
All analyzer components are easily field repairable or replaceable without the need to remove the probe from the stack. Convenient Cleveland Controls maintenance kits save time and expense.

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