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Series R-09500 Draft Regulator
The Cleveland Controls Model R-09500-B0 Draft Regulator is a simple, economical means to reduce smoke, conserves fuel, and complies with local air pollution ordinances.

It provides automatic modulation of the outlet damper for any balanced draft or positive furnace pressure application. The electronic sensor/controller provides stable draft control even on difficult applications, such as those with high stacks, where rapid process fluctuation has rendered conventional draft controls (i.e., diaphragm-based types with mechanical switching circuitry) ineffective.

The Cleveland Controls Model R-09500-B0 Draft Regulator is a combination draft sensor, controller, and actuating motor in a single compact enclosure with a removable cover. A solid-state electronic sensor and controller assembly features a piezo-resistive silicon amplifier capable of measuring either positive or negative pressures. The sensing element is temperature-compensated, and produces 1-6 V dc output directly proportional to the differential between atmospheric and process pressure.

Because of the high-frequency response of the sensing element, electronic damping circuitry is provided to filter out the “noise” typical of draft applications. The result is stable, precise damper positioning unattainable with draft controls relying on diaphragm-based draft measurement and mechanical switching circuitry. Even the “noisiest” high- stack applications can be controlled effectively and economically.

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