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Series F-09160 Linear Actuators
Series 9160 linear actuators are compact and versatile, suitable for any closed or open loop application. They offer long life, safety, reliable operation, and easy maintenance.

Series 9160 Linear Actuators accept 4-20 mA dc or 1-5 V dc control signals to position a final control element such as a damper, control valve, louver, stoker lever, variable speed transmission, or any similar device over a six-inch range of travel.

A full range of options is available, to suit any combustion control or process control application. Options include an adjustable starting position switch, a second auxiliary switch for the retracted arm position, weather-resistant housing, hand wheel, and an externally or internally generated position feedback signal.

Series 9160 Linear Actuators require no mechanical brake assembly. The inherent braking-action of the synchronous
stepping motor prevents overtravel without the wear and stress associated with friction or “DC” braking.

Three stroke times and thrust ranges are offered for all models. For special stroke time/thrust requirements, please consult a Cleveland Controls representative.

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