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Series F-04632 Hydraulic Pressure Regulator
Model F-04632-00 Hydraulic Position Regulators are employed worldwide for use in refineries and petrochemical industries. They regulate the position of the hydraulic cylinders used on slide valves and other final elements. They are the first choice selection for applications that require the power of hydraulics, the safety of 3-15 psig pneumatic signals, and repeatable, accurate positioning.

The Model F-04632-00 Hydraulic Position Regulator is available in various sizes and with options to match a wide range of stroke, length, orientation, and characterization requirements. Base and add-on options allow use at different hydraulic pressures.

The major components for the direct-positioned pilot valve models are: a loading diaphragm assembly, pilot valve, the feedback return linkage, and a case containing the cam, pulley, levers, and linkages. When used on high- pressure hydraulic systems, where the pressures exceed 300 psig (21 kg/cm2), the pilot valve is operated by an auxiliary diaphragm.

For applications requiring strokes longer than 36 inches (1 meter), and less than 300 psig, the feedback return linkage is modified, and gears are added to the pulley. The selection of the type of hydraulic position regulator and pilot valve is based on hydraulic fluid pressure and the stroke length and volume of the hydraulic cylinder. The large pilot valve size is selected over the small size when the cylinder volume exceeds 1000 cubic inches (16 liters). Position is cam characterized for linear, square root, or other functions.

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