Autumn 2022 Update

Fall arrived swiftly and emphatically here in Ohio. We hope that you all are enjoying the fall season wherever you are.The general trends we have discussed in our recent updates have continued for most of us. The improving stability of supply chains is encouraging, but we continue to see spot shortages that are damaging and costly. We are unsure if we have now seen the worst of inflation and scarcity-driven material cost increases. Labor issues continue to be our biggest cause for concern, though even these are much mitigated compared to the height of the pandemic. In light of these recent developments, we have initiated an action plan for increased production to address our pandemic increased backlog.

We are engaged in various branding updates that will start to show up at AHR 2023 (Atlanta, February 6-8). We will be there in full force, and hope to see you! Watch for separate posts on these subjects and more.

As always, we want to affirm that we continue to learn the lessons of the pandemic. We pride ourselves on being an essential business and an excellent corporate member of the local, national, and worldwide community. We believe that honest
communication is the key to supporting our business relationships, we work vigorously with both customers and suppliers to meet their goals as well as our own.

We wish you a glorious and productive Autumn 2022.

Precision. Every Day.