Series NS2 Air flow Pressure sensing switches are designed with sturdy, contaminant-free construction, to provide low cost, high accuracy and reliability. NS2 switches offer a narrow switching differential and low set point tolerance over a wide operating temperature and set point range. They can be used to sense positive, negative or differential air pressure. factory-calibrated set points are available from 0.05′′ wc to 10.0′′ wc. The glass-filled polycarbonate body of the switch provides a high degree of stability and accommodates many sample line connector options. the high and low pressure ports are color-coded for ease of identification. Port, bracket, and terminal orientations can be specified. The integral snap-acting switch mechanism (patent pending) is available in SPNO, SPNC, and SPDT terminal configurations. An optional bleed hole is available, as well as numerous standard and custom mounting brackets. Please consult Cleveland Controls about the many custom features we offer. the glass-filled polycarbonate housing contains a sensing diaphragm and includes an integral snap-acting switch. Sample line connectors are located on either or both sides of the diaphragm to accept air sample connections. The electrical connection consists of male 90° quick-connect terminals. The snap action switch can be actuated by a pressure or vacuum air flow, or by a pressure or vacuum differential.